Date: June 30th, 2017



The Sudanese people in all regions of Sudan, all IDP, refugees camps and all exiles

Local and International human rights organizations

Civil Society Organization, trade unions, students, youths and women

Sudanese, Arab and International newspapers

Arab and International TV Channels

Sudanese political parties and revolutionary movements



H.E Secretary General of the United Nations

President of the United States

 The heads of the Security Council member states

Human Rights Rapporteur of the United Nations

 President of the International Criminal Court

Representatives of the African Union and the Arab League


We, the undersigned representing the Sudanese political parties, revolutionary movements and civil society organizations in the Diaspora, urge the Sudanese people in all regions of Sudan, all IDP and refugees camps and all exiles as well as the leaders of the civil and armed opposition, students, youths, women and trade unions to stand together and work tirelessly to overthrow the tyrant and brutal ruling regime which marks today its 28th anniversary, and call upon all to turn this fateful day into a day of anger and salvation. We also appeal to all political parties in the Diaspora to continue in putting pressure on the international community for not to bestow any fake legitimacy upon this regime and to recognize the right of the Sudanese people in their just demand to uproot this totalitarian, tyrant and corrupt regime which is illegally hanging on power for twenty seven years and their demand to immediately hand over the rein of the political power to the Sudanese people, therefore we introduce this memorandum for the following reasons:


First: The ruling regime seized the power through a military coup that undermined the legitimacy and the democratic system in June 30th 1989.


Second: The regime caused the cessation of south Sudan and is working to break up what is left from the country through the administrative referendum in Darfur and by rigging the general elections twice and continuing the displacement in the dams areas and through preventing the needy from the access to the humanitarian assistance and launching aerial bombing and killing the innocent civilians.


Third: The regime continued its genocide and ethnic and racial cleansing campaigns in all regions of the country.


Forth: The regime is still waging wars in Darfur, Blue Nile, South Kurdfan and Nuba Mountains. The regime’s recent crimes, committed by the Janjaweed militia, recently regrouped under the name of Rapid Support Forces (RSF),  in Sennar and Al Damazin, Asarni where eight people were killed, Heiban in Nuba Mountains where six children from one family were killed and the killing of two university students by the security forces in the universities of Kurdfan and Um Durman Alahliya in addition to other countless  crimes are all very clear evidence that this brutal regime commits  the crimes of murder, war crimes and the crimes against humanity which resulted in making the regime a fugitive and wanted by the international justice.


Fifth: The policies of the regime resulted in the deterioration of the economic and health conditions, poverty, unemployment and the outbreak of the begging phenomenon.


Sixth: The regime’s documented corruption and the looting of the country’s resources, the oil revenues and the embroilment in money laundry and smuggling.


Seventh: The issuance of arrest warrants by International Criminal Court (ICC) against president  Al Bashier and a number of his aides involved in the war crimes and the genocide in Darfur.


Eighth: Murder and torture of political prisoners and detainees, suppression of peaceful demonstrations, arbitrary arrests, raping and flogging  women and the continuous infringement of public freedoms such as freedom of press, expression, assembly and demonstration.

Ninth: The deliberate rigging of elections, more than once, in order to illegally uphold the reins of power.

Tenth: The regime links with the international terrorist groups and the establishment of camps for training and harboring terrorists from all over the world, causing the listing of Sudan among the countries sponsoring terrorism, which resulted in ruining the reputation of Sudan and its people making the territories and skies of Sudan open targets for the missiles and aerial bombardment.


Eleventh: The deliberate evacuations of the areas of the armed conflict from its indigenous populations and harboring foreigners and members of the terrorist groups.


Twelfth: The policies adopted by regime has worsened the country’s foreign relations especially with neighboring countries. 


Thirteenth: The deliberate demolition of Gazeera Scheme as the biggest economic institution in the country together with many other projects on which the country’s economy rely heavily. Moreover, the sale of the lands owned by the states to countries, corporations and individuals in a way that undermines the principle of state’s governance over the lands and holdings of the people as the government sold out the Khartoum Hospital, Eye Hospital, Sudan Airways and is planning to sell out the Sudan Shipping Line  and the University of Khartoum.


Fourteenth: Destroying the peoples of the north by plunging their lands through the construction of dams, selling their lands, forcibly displacing them, demolishing the archeological and heritage sites, looting of antiquities and allowing the burial of hazardous waste causing the outbreak of malignant diseases and increase in fatalities.


Fifteenth: The neglection and impoverishment of the people of eastern Sudan and subjecting them to fatal diseases and epidemics, depriving them from the revenues of the gold extracted from their lands and looting it instead of utilizing it in the development of the region and for the benefit of those people. In addition to the involvement in the crimes of human trafficking, the trade in human organs and arms trafficking and the training of the terrorist groups in a way that becomes a threat to the regional security.


Sixteenth: The deliberate collapse of the state’s apparatus and the arbitrary dismissal of those with competency and replacing them the pro-regime elements.


Seventeenth: The deliberate emptying of the Sudan Armed Forces from the national and upstanding elements through either dismissal, murder or disposition and replacing them with security personnel and using them in waging civil, jihadist, religious and racial wars supported by the Popular Defense Forces (PDF) plunging the country into continuous wars that led to its fragmentation and weakened its ethnic and pluralist structures.


The ruling regime is a continuation to the totalitarian central regimes that seized power in Sudan for decades, it is an anti-democratic regime that infringes the fundamental freedoms of all people, under which the human dignity has been violated by the security apparatuses; which, hideously, torture opponents in detention. The extreme manifestations of such practices is very clear in the gross violations such as genocide and ethnic cleansing, in the war zones, to the extent that president Al Bashier became a fugitive and wanted by the ICC.


The continued existence of this regime on power drives our country into the brink; due to its policies that are based on tyranny, marginalization, and racism and the endeavors to impose a certain religious and cultural identity over a spectrum of religions and cultures that constitute the mosaic of Sudan. Such policies, the policies of this regime degraded the quality of life in our country, humiliated and impoverished the majority of the Sudanese people, vandalized the public institutions, ruined education, health and environment, tore apart the social, moral and ethical fabric, ignited wars, caused gross violations of human rights, subjected certain ethnic groups to genocide and made the secession of south Sudan inevitable. Such policies transformed Darfur into one of the worst human tragedies in the contemporary world and reignited wars in South Kurdfan, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile using the same methods of brutal violence, bombing civilians, sieging displaced people and depriving the needy, in the affected areas, from food and humanitarian assistance. It also became evident that this regime refuses all the just and political resolutions and is only buying time to remain longer in power, thus it became an example for dishonoring agreements and covenants. 


The economy of country today it is in worst conditions and is moving towards the comprehensive collapse. The cost of living became unaffordable to the majority of Sudanese people. Health, education social and public services deteriorated to unprecedented levels. Under this regime, the royalties, levies and custom duties became volatile. While the poverty stricken most of the Sudanese people, those who support the ruling regime became wealthier.


Therefore, we call on the Sudanese people in all regions of Sudan, all IDP and refugees camps and all exiles as well as the leaders of the civil and armed opposition, students, youths, women and trade unions to exert all efforts necessary to uproot this criminal regime and to appeal to the international organizations to put more pressure on the international community to stand beside the Sudanese people in their just demand to topple this totalitarian, tyrant and corrupt regime and immediately hand over the reins of the political power to the Sudanese people after 28 years of brutality and dictatorship.


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